Samsung Galaxy S24 to feature customizable theme case like the Galaxy Z Flip 5

The Galaxy S24 series launch is almost weeks away, and several leaks regarding the series surfaced online that added to the anticipation. Accessories for the upcoming gadget were shared by the UK retailer Mobile Fun regarding this soon-to-be available item. Pre-ordering these covers will guarantee that your Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra are safeguarded from the start. Upon reviewing this list, I found the official Samsung Galaxy S24 silicon case, which comes in Dark Violet. However, there are more colors available for this official silicone case, including white, light green, yellow, violet, and dark violet.

The most important information is that the suit case of the Galaxy S24 will be very similar to that found in the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Flipsuit is a transparent phone cover that uses NFC technology to customize the device’s wallpaper, animations, and UI colors in addition to altering the appearance of the back side. Also, Samsung has not achieved great success through the flip suit case, so it’s interesting to see that Samsung is still holding on to the cliff. For providing back cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 5, the South Korean tech giant partnered with Disney and Netflix to release Flipsuit cards with themes like Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse, and Squid Game.

The number of options in the accessories may increase as the business focuses more on the S24 series. Regarding the remaining instances, there are plenty of the typical suspects as well as a few fresh ones. The complete list consists of the following cases: Silicone, Smart View, Vegan Leather, Standing Grip, Clear, Clear Gadget, and Shield. The Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra will be revealed to the world on January 17th in San Jose, California.

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