Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: New European Prices Revealed – Are They Affordable?

The launch of the Galaxy S24 series is approaching as we near January 17th, when a grand Unpacked event will be held to release the new devices. The firm even released official teasers and invitations to the general public. Even though we are familiar with the hardware specifications of the models, one feature remains unchanged, which is the price range. Also note that the cost of the model varies according to the region. X user Spynox discovered the Galaxy S24 series competition’s regulations, including what appears to be the price of each phone, in French. WinFuture’s Roland Quandt discovered the URL of the document, but it has since been kept private.

The Galaxy S24 series cost was highlighted in Euro currency. We can assume the names of the models based on the order of the series.

Price range of the Galaxy S24 series as per the document:

  • Galaxy S24: €899
  • Galaxy S24 Plus: €1,169
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra: €1,469

If you compare this information with the earlier leak posted by the Dutch news blog GalaxyClub, the prices of the Plus variant and the Ultra variant seem to be $20 more expensive. Maybe all this is because of the price variations in the regions of Europe. In spite of this, the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus would be €50 less expensive in Europe than the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus. When first released in Europe, the S24 Ultra would have a price tag of €1,469, which is €70 higher than the S23 Ultra. Hopefully, additional regions will witness a comparable decrease in the price of the S24 and S24 Plus, particularly since Samsung increased the S23 series’ prices outside of the US.

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