Samsung to Display Connected Retail Experiences of the Future at NRF 2024

Samsung America’s revolutionary network of partner solutions and display technologies powers the next wave of retail shops, showcased at NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show. During NRF, Samsung and Chevron U.S.A. Inc. will unveil a new pilot program that uses data-driven content strategy and the high visual impact of UHD Samsung Smart Signage Displays to draw customers to Chevron ExtraMile convenience shops in San Diego and Millbrae, California. During NRF, participants can interact with “Sam the Sommelier,” a Chevron Digital Human created by Samsung to assist customers in the wine section of the San Diego ExtraMile store.

Witness the range of innovations at the Samsung booths:

  • Retailers continue to suffer from industry-wide labor shortages that impair their ability to satisfy customer expectations, as evidenced by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ announcement at the beginning of the 2023 Christmas shopping season of 543,000 unfilled retail job opportunities.
  • Digital humans, hyper-realistic virtual humans created by Samsung’s AI research team, are a product that the company will showcase at NRF.
  • Participants get to experience SoundHound AI and Samsung dynamic drive-thru menu displays with speech AI capabilities.
  • At over 100 White Castle drive-thrus, SoundHound’s revolutionary speech AI-enabled Dynamic Interaction drive-thrus ordering interface is combined with MagicINFO to provide restaurant managers with real-time insights and an outstanding customer ordering experience.

Samsung Ads and CMS in its way to enhance marketing:

Using digital out-of-home (DOOH) solutions to engage customers at the store or connected TV (CTV) in homes, marketers can design unique campaigns to target consumers wherever they are. Samsung Ads, the company’s advertising business, makes this possible. With the cloud-native VXT Content Management System (CMS) and Samsung Ads, retailers may remotely manage the content throughout their display ecosystem. Strategic judgments on the best combination of advertising and content to draw in and convert customers are made possible by these two platforms.

Samsung brings in several products with partnership companies:

Sprinklr: For Samsung Smart Signage and Hospitality Displays, Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform is offered as an integrated application. With Sprinklr, Samsung can visualize real-time social media data directly via its commercial display devices. Retailers with remote access can rapidly update information.

Flowcode: Using branded QR codes, Flowcode converts in-store interactions into first-party marketing information. Flowcode QR codes on retail digital displays encourage customers to interact with a brand’s digital channels.

IBM Weather: To enable the timely and pertinent distribution of content, IBM Weather offers precise weather forecast data. Shoppers may receive weather-appropriate promotional offers from retailers by combining VXT’s content management capabilities with real-time IBM Weather data.

FastSensor: Analytics regarding consumer behavior in physical stores, akin to e-commerce, are generated by FastSensor using artificial intelligence. With the use of FastSensor’s heatmap, which displays high and low foot traffic locations, retailers can better analyze consumer flow and optimize planogram design, digital signage placement, and operational best practices.

PopID’s biometric software: Customers’ travel or shopping experiences are enhanced by the biometric authentication provided by PopID’s biometric software, which is installed on Samsung kiosks and tablets. Customers may use their face or another distinctive biometric as a secure ID when purchasing tickets, making payments, logging into loyalty programs, and more using PopID.

Reveal Box: Commersive offers the Reveal Box, a cutting-edge DOOH programming platform. Samsung’s QMC Series of 65-inch panels provides brilliant visuals on four rotating displays, forming an enthralling canvas that is driven by the technology that transforms a physical object into a digital world with ease.

A new technology for Samsung’s Display division:

  • Participants at NRF may discover how The Wall All-in-One Series’ energy-efficient chip architecture reduces power usage by 40% when compared to traditional LED signs.
  • As 90% of the models are Energy Star and Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Bronze certified for energy efficiency and sustainability, retailers can invest in Samsung Indoor Smart Signage with confidence.
  • Samsung’s new VXT CMS Platform makes it simple to monitor energy use and remotely operate devices, supporting retailers’ pledges to sustainability.
  • Samsung has collaborated with Loop Global to create an EV charging solution that will be showcased at their stand.
  • The Foodservice Innovation Zone at NRF will feature Samsung, showcasing how technology is changing the way food service is provided to customers.
  • In the “Centre of the Plate” section, which is in the center of the Foodservice Innovation Zone, attendees may test out the highly regarded Samsung Kiosk solutions.
  • The Samsung KMC-W Kiosk most recently took up the Automation and Self-Service Awards’ Best Kiosk Solution title in December 2023.

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