Samsung Introduces VXT for Seamless Creation and Control

Samsung Electronics, a cloud-native content management system (CMS) that seamlessly integrates content and remote signage management on a safe, unified platform, has formally unveiled the Visual Experience Transformation (VXT) Platform. Designed with ease of use in mind, this comprehensive solution enables companies to manage and design their digital displays with ease. At this event, Vice President of Visual Display Business Alex Lees said, “Cloud migration is an unstoppable trend.”.

A Cloud-Native-Nativeon that Meets Various Business Needs with Efficiency

Samsung VXT represents the development of CMS software from MagicINFOTM, offering an expanded cloud-native solution for seamless content creation and management across multiple B2B displays, including LCD, LED signage, and The Wall. VXT eliminates the need for manual software updates by streamlining deployment and updates via a cloud interface. A quick and safe 6-digit pairing code simplifies device registration.

VXT serves a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, food and beverage, and corporate, by simplifying the operations and maintenance of digital signage. Already beginning to garner traction, RedMedia, Hy-Vee’s retail media network, is using VXT to oversee a vast network of Samsung smart signage screens.

Simple Screen and Content Management

Developed by Samsung, VXT is a modification system that provides an integrated platform for screen management and content development. Continus of three CMS modules: VXT Players, VXT Canvas1, and VXT CMS. Each module makes screen administration and content production easier.

The easy-to-use interface of VXT CMS makes managing content, playlists, and schedules easier.With its strong security measures, the remote management capability enables real-time control over numerous devices.

VXT Canvas: With support for a variety of themes, widgets, and partner content, VXT Canvas offers simple content creation through the use of WYSIWYG-based creative tools.

VXT Players: Featuring a web-based virtual screen for convenient viewing and control of signage deployments, VXT supports players based on Tizen and Android and manages numerous web elements on a single screen.

Creative Solutions and Partnerships

Through partnerships with content providers, software developers, and third-party integrators, VXT provides Pre-Integrated Repeatable Solutions (PIRS), which provide a wider selection of material. Prominent options comprise VXT Art, Ngine Real Estate, Engine Automotive, and Link My POS.

VXT Art: With only a few clicks, users can access a vast collection of images and artwork, and information from different art galleries and institutions may be utilized by any type of business, from restaurants to offices.

Ngine Real Estate: This cutting-edge technology, developed in partnership with Ngine Networks, lets companies display real estate that is for sale or rental. Through the use of VXT, the procedure does away with the requirement for duplicate data entry while establishing a smooth connection to each platform.

Ngine Automotive: By linking straight to business displays, you can easily list your vehicles for sale or rental, including cars, bikes, and boats, without having to perform labor-intensive data entry. Moreover, simplify the messages you send on social media. Thanks to our collaboration with Nine Network, we’ve effectively developed this solution.

Link My POS: Easily list your vehicles for sale or rental, including motorcycles, boats, and cars, by linking to company displays directly and doing all of the data entry by hand. Moreover, make your messages on social media more concise. Thanks to our collaboration with Nine Network, we’ve effectively developed this solution.

Smooth Control and Administration at Any Time, Anywhere

For the ease of mobile users as well as expert desktop users, Samsung VXT guarantees compatibility with desktop and mobile devices, redefining content management. VXT incorporates an early warning system to identify potential issues and utilizes a sophisticated modular architecture to minimize downtime. The tool integrated into VXT provides energy management information. By modifying brightness levels and automatic on/off times based on monthly findings, customers may optimize their energy use.

International Launch and Access Choices

On January 31, 2024, at Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona, Samsung will conduct the global introduction of VXT. VXT can be accessed offline globally through established B2B sales channels, offering a range of subscription arrangements, including monthly and annual options. Online purchases will have a global launch in 2024, following its initial launch in the United States. Prior to committing to a membership, potential users can test out the site for free for sixty days.

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