Samsung Aligns Display Business with Future Trends: Foldables, XR, and More

For the purpose of better addressing Apple’s foldable goods, Samsung Display reorganized its workforce and created a separate microdisplay team, especially for XR devices. The objective behind this is to seize control of emerging technology, such as microdisplays for XR gadgets and foldable goods, which is going to rule the next generation.

What’s the aim of the South Korean giant behind this move?

Foldable product development and foldable panel development are reported to be organized inside a development team of the small and medium-sized display division, where smartphone OLEDs and foldable panels are manufactured. The Strategic Marketing Office, which is now organized as a department, will be further reorganized by the big display division into a team-based organization and will be known as the Strategic Marketing Team.

The A (Apple) Business Team:

With a new organizational structure, Samsung Display is bolstering its A Business Team and concentrating on developing technologies that may enable it to offer foldable panels for potential iPad and iPhone models from Apple. After leading the planning team at the company headquarters, Choi Kwon-young, vice president of Samsung Display, was transferred to the A Business Team. To stop rivals from entering the market, it is anticipated that Creation Team A will handle the creation of foldable products and panels this time. Apple foldable devices, like the 20.25-inch model, are already being developed by Samsung and LG.

Samsung seems to have great plans for its XR device in the future

Through the acquisition of older technologies and a higher task transfer success rate, the Display Research Institute intends to augment its commercial contribution. The Microdisplay Team has reorganized itself to become an organization directly under the CEO, leaving behind its affiliation with the research institute. The goal of the change is to better prepare for the extended reality (XR) device market. All phases of the commercialization process are anticipated to be researched and developed by the Microdisplay team. Samsung Display initiated the ‘M Project’ to create microdisplays at the close of the previous year.

A ‘WOLED+CF’ method that applies color filters (CF) to white (W)-OLED and red (We plan to sequentially develop ‘RGB’ type OLEDos, which deposits R) green (G) and blue (B) subpixels adjacent to each other on the same layer is one of the innovations made by Samsung Display in the OLEDoS sector, which deposits organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) on silicon substrates. Long-term work also includes the creation of LEDoS, which creates light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on silicon substrates.

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