Before Unpacked 2024, the Galaxy S24’s pre-order information surfaced online

We are all at the end of the show, as the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 is just a week away. The Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra will finally be our witnesses. People who have decided to get the Galaxy S24 series can reserve the models now with a $50 discount. This is not pre-ordering, but a reservation; there’s a difference. Pre-ordering of the models will begin on January 17th, as stated earlier, of course with some discounts. Tipster @garyeonhan states people who pre-order the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra in a few regions, including Korea, will be getting a free memory upgrade.

Pre-order prices for the 128GB model will apply to the 256GB Galaxy S24 variation, 1TB to the 512GB model, and 512GB to the 256GB model. Nevertheless, the 1TB free RAM upgrade could only be available in a certain quantity in particular areas, including Austria (@rquandt). Perhaps only 2,000 1TB Galaxy S24 Ultras are available for free memory upgrades at each participating shop. Little details of the pre-ordering discounts are surfacing online.

Galaxy S24 pre-ordering benefits:

  • A one-year Samsung Care+ guarantee should also be available to pre-order consumers of the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra in Korea.
  • A customized Pokemon or Maeil Milk Buds case will be selected randomly, and a set of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro wireless earphones will also be offered to the people who pre-order.
  • Additionally, @rquandt spits a fact, and it was known that the Galaxy S24 has pre-order perks for UK consumers. They are about to get the Galaxy Watch 6, which will be given out for free to a few certain, as of yet unidentified, owners and merchants.
  • Note that this bonus presumably applies to all three Galaxy S24 versions, not only the costlier S24+ or its older family member S24 Ultra.
  • The gift you receive will vary depending on the time you pre-order and also on the region in which you purchase.

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