Samsung adds Galaxy Laptops to the Security Update List

Samsung has recently published the official February 2024 security patch bulletin, which is a type of report where the company shares some details about what the latest software is coming with. The company has addressed over 60 security vulnerability issues. If you want to explore, you can check out this article.

While exploring the latest security bulletin, we also came to know that Samsung has retired some Galaxy devices for the software updates, including the Galaxy Tab S6, Galaxy A01, Galaxy W20, and Galaxy A51 LTE. As well, some device security patch frequencies have also been changed.

Along with those changes, we also noticed that the company has also added a list of personal computers in a separate security update column. This list includes several devices, such as the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra, the Galaxy Book 4 Pro, the Galaxy Book 4 Pro 360, the Galaxy Book 4 360, and the Galaxy Book 4.

However, the company hasn’t mentioned any details about how long it will provide security update support for these devices, but it may be the perfect time for Samsung to unveil the security update for the devices. When the company provides any information about it, we will inform you.

Informatively, the security patch update is just a standard update that provides some security-related improvements that impact the devices internally, while the user will not feel any visual difference. However,  these updates are also important because after getting the update, they will get a more protected environment for the devices, so if you have received any security patch, you should immediately update your device to it.

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