Samsung February 2024 Security Update fixes over 60 vulnerabilities

Samsung has started rolling out the February 2024 security patch update for the Galaxy devices. As last time the company beat Google in terms of giving the security patch update to smartphones, it continues this time as well. Informatively, Samsung has already rolled out the update for the third-generation foldable devices, including the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. Let’s understand what it is all about.

Samsung has mainly addressed high-risk issues

Samsung has released an official bulletin that has details about the new fixes that arrived with the update. Going into details, Samsung has 60+ fixes introduced, and from them, there are 61 patches included by Google that enhance the functionality of the Android OS. For your information, 58 high-risk security vulnerabilities and three moderate versions of the issue have also been fixed. Along with this, there are eight more fixes introduced by Samsung.

Samsung introduced eight more fixes for the devices

Samsung always introduces some extra fixes that exclusively enhance the internal functions of Galaxy devices, so following the same trend, the company has given eight fixes for improving the security of the devices. If we go into the details, the company has fixed several issues related to these functions, including smart suggestions, improper caller verification, auto-hotspot, bootloader, etc.

The February 2024 patch is available for these Galaxy devices

The February 2024 security patch is one of the standard security patches that are available for the devices that are mentioned in the list prepared by Samsung in three categories, including monthly security updates, quarterly monthly security updates, and biannual security updates. However, there will be fewer devices eligible to get the February 2024 security patch except for the monthly security update list. To explore the device, you can check it out here.

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