Samsung Deco Pic: Detailed Info, Version Update, Features, And How To Use

Are you a selfie lover or just like to have fun with the camera, if you are then you will like the Samsung Deco app? The Samsung Deco app is a set of tools that enables & enhances already available camera features in your smartphone. The app itself is an offshoot of the various camera mode featuring various stickers, masks, and frames that you can apply to your photos & videos.

Additionally, you can also share these avatars or photos on social media via the app itself.

How To Access Samsung Deco Pic App

  1. You can access the app by following these steps:
  2. Open your camera app.
  3. Access the AR section.
  4. Select the Deco feature.
  5. Now you can add stickers, frames, masks, etc to your photos and videos.


You can just download this extension from the Galaxy Store.

Deco Pic App Features & Benefits:

This app can be used for creating avatars and adding many features to your photo & videos. This is a creative way to have fun times with your friends. Additionally, you can apply and create stamps, GIFS, and even live stickers too. Following are its benefits;

  • Use Masks to CREATE AND APPLY Interesting effects resembling facial expressions.
  • the preview image can be applied with a Moving GIF sticker, even a search option is also available.
  • Variety of frames for decorating pictures.
  • Stamps containing various letter styles.

How to remove;

If by chance you don’t want the app you can remove it too. Here is how;

Locate the app on the phone’s screen. 

Tap and hold the shortcut for the extra menu to appear.

Tap Disable. Now, Tap Disable again to confirm.

The app will be disabled along with the shortcut disappearing from the phone screen.

Reenable it;  

  • Navigate to Settings and tap Apps. 
  • Select DECO PIC. and Tap Enable to reenable
  • This will also bring back shortcuts to the app on the home screen.

Note: Do not mistake the app apparition for malware it is an official Samsung app. Although, available features and settings are subject to change according to the region & model of the devices.

It’s an integrated app that works nicely with OneUI which also saves time searching for 3rd party apps.

So that’s it you are now accustomed to this hidden feature in your Galaxy devices. We are providing links for the app also.