How To Use Privacy Dashboard On Samsung Smartphones

In May 2021, Google made the new Privacy Dashboard announcement and provided background information on the Android Developers Blog. “With this update, users will have easier access to controls that will allow them to make educated decisions about the data that apps are accessing. The post highlighted that Android is making an investment in narrowing the scope of permissions so that apps only have access to the information they require for the functionality they offer. On latest models as the Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy Z Fold4, and Galaxy Z Flip4, Samsung has included Privacy Dashboard along with Samsung-specific device customization features.

You can review the Samsung or Google services you’ve chosen to use, including sending diagnostic data, personalization services, autofill services, and location data, in the Privacy Dashboard. For instance, you can use the Google Adverts setting to rapidly reset or remove your device’s advertising ID, preventing tailored ads from being targeted at you by apps.

How to use Privacy Dashboard on Samsung

You can begin exploring Privacy Dashboard on your Samsung phone with these simple steps:

  • Open Settings, then tap “Privacy.”
  • At the top, you’ll get a quick view of your camera, microphone and location permissions used in the last 24 hours.
  • Tap “All permissions” to see a detailed view.
  • Tap “Permission manager” to see and edit permissions for all apps.
  • Each permission type will show you how many apps have access to that specific permission. Tap a permission type to go through your apps one by one and set your preferred permissions.

Under “Controls and alerts,” you can toggle general camera and microphone access on or off. If you’re using the permissions manager to customize your privacy settings, general camera and microphone access should be left toggled on to streamline the in-app experience. But if you want to go completely private and block camera and microphone access for all your apps, you might consider toggling these two settings off.