Samsung Galaxy S & Note Series User Can Replace ‘LCD Glass’ In Low Cost In Canada

On October 4, Samsung Electronics of Canada announced a brand-new repair service, the “LCD Glass Panel Replacement Program”, that offers a more ecologically friendly alternative to replacing LCD panels on specific Samsung devices.

In order to provide consumers with a reasonably priced service for screen repairs, Samsung Canada reiterates its commitment to enhancing sustainability across all of its operations, products, and services.

With this service, you can now replace the broken LCD glass of your Galaxy S Series or Galaxy Note Series smartphone instead of having to replace the complete LCD module. The service will now support customers who own select Samsung Galaxy “S” and Note series devices. Samsung is looking to make this option available on more devices in the future.

Available for specific models. To qualify for screen glass repair, the device cannot have –(i) a damaged frame or swelling of the battery, or (ii) any other hardware failures detected during the triage process.

In the event that the device does not qualify for screen glass repair, our authorized service centre will contact you to discuss alternative repair solutions. To know more visit the official website.