Samsung Working With AMD & Google To Develop New Chip For Future Galaxy Smartphones [Report]

Samsung usually teams up with different manufacturers and companies to experiment with its products to beat its better results. Now it is reported that the South Korean giant is collaborating with two other multinational companies, Google and AMD. With the help of AMD’s graphics team and Google’s Tensor team, Samsung will develop a new chipset for its future flagship devices.

As per the report of tipster Connor, the chipset developed by these three will power the future Galaxy S-series smartphones available by 2025. The SoC may get two Cortex-X high-performance cores, four performance-focused cores, and four energy-efficient cores in it. It is also expected that the chipset will be featured with an AMD GPU also, which will handle the graphically demanding tasks.

Coming to Samsung and Google these two are collaborating already. Tensor and Tensor G2 featured in Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series devices is the result of their team-up. Both of these processors are based on Samsung’s Exynos chipsets that have Google’s AI functionality also. In this chain, it is also rumored that they both started working on the third generation of this SoC that will power the Pixel 8 device in the future.

The rumored Tensor G3 chipset has got the model number S5P9865, with an expected codename “Ripcurrent”. As we know, the processors that are available at present are manufactured by using the 5nm and 4nm fabrication process; the team will take this to a new level by experimenting with a 3nm process in the upcoming chipset. It may also be possible that Samsung has started working on the 3nm chipset already.

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