Samsung showed Galaxy Z Flip 4 with Google Assistant in 3D Billboard at Times Square In New York

Google and Samsung, both manufacturers, appear as a team in many disciplines. It looks like they are intended to continue their partnership, as recently, they both showed up again together in a joint advertising campaign. Let you know that recently, Google has shown the Galaxy Z Flip 4 device in an advertisement on the 3D Anamorphic Billboard at Times Square, New York. This advertisement highlights Google Assistant, and YouTube Music in the Galaxy Z Flip 4 device, along with a video of Ludacris’ animation. 

Coming to the advertisement, you will get to see a dog from Ludacris’ album “Word of Mouf” in it, who is attempting to take a picture with a regular phone but fails. Afterward, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 device appeared, and a musician entered, who said to play another album, “Stand Up,” on it. This launched the YouTube Music application, and then the musician asked Google Assistant to “Take a Selfie” so they could be able to click pictures hands-free. Without any doubt, as the video is telecasted on a 3D Anamorphic Billboard, it showed a lot of examples to highlight its 3D nature. 

Apart from the Google Assistant and YouTube Music, the advertisement also displayed the “Flex Mode” configuration of the foldable device. For those who are aware, Flex mode lets the users flip their phone by 90 degrees; consequently, one can use it as a stand. This mode is unconquerable for taking selfies. The advertisement contains a tagline that reads “The new way to selfie. Just like that,” along with a link, which leads you directly to the official site. 

Let us tell you that this advertisement has been developed by the design studio CEKAI in teamed up with Universal Music Group. This 3D Billboard with Google’s advertisement regarding Galaxy Z Flip 4 device. is placed on Broadway between 40th and 45th Street on the sides of the New York Marriott Marquis.

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