Samsung mocked Apple for iPhone’s non-foldable screen support

Mocking the Californian giant, Apple has become more like a trend nowadays. Along with Samsung, various other OEMs also mock Apple because of its influence on the tech market, but Samsung made it a habit often. Even just a while ago, Samsung teased Apple for iPhone’s basic design, and now in such a short span, another Apple mocking ad came from Samsung’s end. Again this time, they have teased Apple for not having a foldable screen on the iPhone. Notably, the mocking has been going on for years. Now, let’s take a brief look at the advertisement uploaded by Samsung.

The South Korean company Samsung has uploaded a video advertisement on the Chinese social networking platform Weibo. In this ad, we can see a football ground, where a match is going on, and the audience is sitting on the roofs to cheer their dream teams. However, it is an animated video and is slightly different because the company has pursued the Galaxy Z Flip 4 as their video characters- players and audience. Although a few normal non-foldable smartphone devices were also sitting in the crowd, they were unable to cheer their team as others due to the lack of foldable property.

The non-foldable phone characters are sad by looking at others because they are not able to cheer their dream team with the upside-down moment, similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 4 characters. However, they didn’t clarify that the non-foldable device is iPhone, but it is assumed to probably be it. Well, it is not the first time when Apple has been mocked, but Samsung has been teasing them for years, if not forgotten the ad in which Samsung teases the iPhone X over its notch by showing a man (iPhone user) with a notch-like haircut. Undoubtedly, it was the biggest dedicated mocking of Apple.

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