Samsung Display announced the world’s first touch-integrated OLED display for laptops

Samsung Display’s latest innovation has taken laptop displays to a whole new level. The world’s first touch-integrated OLED display is an exciting development that will no doubt have a significant impact on the laptop industry and how people use computers today. This technology further cements Samsung’s position as one of the world leaders in innovative, cutting-edge electronics and demonstrates its commitment to pushing boundaries. We can’t wait to see what Samsung has in store for us next!

According to Samsung Display, it will begin mass production of notebook-specific OLED panels that integrate touch directly onto the panel.

The panels accomplish this feat using on-cell touch AMOLED technology, or OCTA, which makes them thinner than alternatives that employ a separate touchscreen panel material. Samsung claims that the first laptop OLED panel with an integrated touchscreen.

Samsung Electronics said its high-end Galaxy Book notebooks would feature OCTA, or on-cell touch AMOLED, panels in 2023.

Samsung Display did not specify the size of the panels, but the Galaxy Book is presently offered in 13- and 15-inch sizes and Samsung is anticipated to introduce updated editions at Unpacked next month.

The manufacturer of display panels announced that its panels using OCTA technology would enable 3K resolution, a 16:10 aspect ratio, and a 120Hz refresh rate. To create the touch screen capability, OCTA uses touch sensors that are located right inside the panel. Instead of using a separate touchscreen panel film for the same feature, this enables the panel to be thinner.

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