HeartBeam joins Samsung to develop cardiac diagnostic devices for patients

HeartBeam is a cardiac technology company that has developed a 3D vector ECG platform intended for patient use at home; now, to expand the availability of these devices company has joined hands with Samsung.

The Agreement is officially signed in between Samsung and LIVMOR. HeartBeam acquired the assets of LIVMOR earlier this year. HeratBeam also stated “Our newly acquired state-of-the-art, FDA-cleared, Samsung watch-based arrhythmia detection tool, once integrated with the HeartBeam AIMIGo™ telehealth platform, presents a unique opportunity to extend our product capabilities well beyond what is currently available for cardiac patients outside of a medical setting.”

The LIVMOR was founded back in 2016; the company has developed the Halo Atrial Detection system, which was the first FDA- cleared prescription wearable for continuous cardiac rhythm monitoring.

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The system is well designed, so it can detect the rhythm accurately and display it to the patient to monitor it easily; if we go into detail, the system works on a pulse detection mechanism, which provides continuous monitoring and gives the AF detection on-demand during day and night.

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Samsung and LIVMOR were joined previously in the last SAA; the companies developed a fully integrated and physician-prescribed pulse monitoring system for the patents; in the initial stage, it was commercially deployed in a certain region of Texas, now with the new partnership, and it is panned to expand the technology to more places in the world.

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