[Update] Samsung and other brands should have Back to accessible and replaceable batteries

Update: 19/June/2023

With reference to the new measure of the European Parliament, there is a clarification to be made with regard to batteries for smartphones, tablets and notebooks, for which the EU plans to adopt a special regulation in the future (a note reads that “For batteries embedded in mobile phones and tablets it is appropriate to establish performance and durability requirements for these batteries by means of a future ecodesign regulation concerning).

It is crucial to note that, currently, there is no obligation to revert to replaceable batteries for these devices. If the EU decides to pursue this direction, it will likely take several more years before end users can enjoy the benefits of this new development. Patience will be necessary as the implementation of such a change will require time and careful consideration.

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Even though the Smartphones that we are using now are the best version of mobile phones that the modern world utilizes, no one can forget the era of smartphones that came with detachable battery models. The times when we had these model phones, it was easy to solve the battery failure issues just by removing the battery and replacing it with the new one. Having advanced technology and settings doesn’t mean that we don’t miss the old era of mobile phones in which everything aspect of technology was simple.

Later in the year 2022, the European Union (EU) made the USB Type -C port mandatory for all smartphones, tablets, and even laptops too. At that time, the European Union (EU) also agreed to some new rules and regulations regarding the production lifecycle of batteries. The key motive was to make the batteries reusable and sustainable. According to this, material extraction, industrial production, and disposal are the major processes in the battery life cycle.

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Following the recent reports, the European Parliament has modified a previous rule requiring easily replaceable batteries in all devices, including cell phones. Even without requiring technical tools, one can replace the batteries by themselves. Some new changes should be brought in the design of the batteries to make them irreplaceable by the original manufacturers, including Google, Apple, and Samsung.

This law applies only to Europe, and there has been no clarification from Samsung’s side as to whether they will follow these regulations. But the EU has eventually forced the mobile manufacturer’s Apple and Samsung to come forward to lead the initiative to protect the environment. EU and India have combinedly passed the law to bring USB Type C chargers for Apple iPhones, which are expected to come into effect later this year. And the law of implementing replacing batteries should be implemented before 2027, and it can even extend.

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