Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screens Bring ‘Elemental’ Flim to Life in 4K HDR

The new Disney and Pixar animated feature “Elemental” will be available to see in 4K HDR content on the cinema LED screen “Onyx”, according to a statement released by Samsung Electronics on the 18th. The new film “Elemental” was mastered as Onyx-only 4K HDR content by Pixar Animation Studio and Samsung Electronics, and it was then released to theatres all around the world. Samsung Electronics has unveiled the world’s first theatre LED screen called Onyx.

Onyx shows pictures directly on the screen, as proposed to beam projectors, which are projection techniques producing a consistent screen expression and outstanding color reproduction. The Digital Cinema Association certified it for image quality, sound quality, and content security features, making it the first non-projector movie screen in the whole world to do so. Onyx is distinguished by its 4K resolution, compatibility for HDR, and crisp black LED display. Realistic HDR images are made possible by their high brightness of up to 300 nits, which is about six times brighter than the existing projector kinds.

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The world’s first cinema LED screen, Onyx, was created by Samsung in partnership with Pixar Animation Studios. The 4K HDR version of the movie has been made available worldwide thanks to this technological collaboration. When compared to SDR video delivered by conventional projectors, HDR content offers a better visual experience. Utilizing Onyx’s cutting-edge 4K HDR technology, audiences worldwide may now take advantage of an immersive and aesthetically spectacular experience like never before.

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Samsung Electronics provided Onyx screens to 120 theatres worldwide, including CGV Wangsimni, and unveiled the first cinema LED screen in the world at the Lotte Cinema World Tower in Jamsil, Seoul. Hoon Jung, Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, stated that “We will continue to actively expand partnerships with various companies to innovate movie theatre screens based on Samsung’s unique LED technology that expresses accurate picture quality and vivid colours.”

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