Samsung One UI stylus capability may be surpassed by Android 14

The Android 14 upgrade will help Samsung smartphones that support the S pen. In order to enhance user experience, Google is testing new features in the upcoming OS version. The advent of the Pixel tablet will change things this time around since, up until now, Google didn’t have any hardware that supported pen input. The stable version of Android 14 will include functionality that is being tested for stylus use.

Images of the user interface that was released by an individual user on Twitter revealed that the new operating system has a few significant enhancements in store, including new settings, default programs, and several buttons. The business has made additional upgrades to the Stylus area in addition to the specialized user interface. It appears that Android 14 will improve support for stylus buttons such as “Primary,” “Secondary”, “Tertiary,” and “Tail.”

It should be noted that there is a special notification stating that the “tail” button does not often perform the same function as an eraser. Instead, a statement in the OS refers to choosing a default app for notes, which suggests that this button might be used to open your preferred notes app. Some selected goods will also receive bells and whistles comparable to Wear OS and One UI Watch since Samsung smartphones use Android OS-based One UI.

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Later this year, Galaxy phones and tablets will start receiving the Android 14 rollout later this year, while the beta for flagships will be launching next month. The latest update explains that when you connect a stylus to your device on Android 14 and go to the device details page, and now you will be able to see new stylus-specific settings, which include a shortcut to change the default notes app and click the notification to ignore all stylus button presses.

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