Samsung Exynos Auto V920 Specifications Is Here

Samsung is one of the top players in manufacturing semiconductor chips. Along with this company also made its own processor for its products under the name of Exynos; the company makes processors for different types of devices, from smartphones to automobiles.

For automobiles, it has a different range of processors which is also called Exynos for auto. The main function of the chip is to power the infotainment system. Now, to enhance the experience, the company has released the third generation of the automotive processor, Exynos Auto V920.

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The new gen Exynos Auto V920 is packed with powerful features; it comes with ten arm cortex – A78AE cores which enhance the CPU performance by 70%. Along with it, the chip is equipped with Xclipse GPU combined with AMD RDNA graphics architecture for better graphic processing. For better assistance, the chip also comes with dual-core NPU for AI capabilities which will be 2.7x faster than its predecessor.

Apart from this, the chip is made on a 5nm process note, which efficiently works and is capable of handling up to 6 displays and 12 cameras. For faster memory processing, it is equipped with LPDDR5, which gives up to 102 GB/s bandwidth. To get more information about the specifications, you can check the list below.

Samsung Exynos Auto V920 Specifications

  •  5nm Process Node
  • CPU: 10-Core Arm Cortex A78E (two Quad Core and one Dual-Core Clusters)
  • GPU: Xclipse GPU with AMD RDNA 2 Graphics Architecture
  • 70% Better CPU Performance
  • Dual-Core NPU With 2.7x Faster AI Processing
  • LPDDR5 Memory With 102 GB/s Bandwidth
  • UFS 3.1 Storage System
  • Dual USXGMII 10 Gbps Ethernet
  • Up To 6 Displays (3x 5K or 3x DFHD)
  • Up To 12 Cameras (3x MIPI CSI 4 lanes)
  • 4K 240FPS HEVC Decoding / 4K 120FPS Video Encoding.

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