Samsung unviles ViewFinity S9 5K ultra-high resolution monitor

The ViewFinity S9 5K monitor has been made available by Samsung in South Korea. This monitor is designed for media experts and designers who want a color-accurate screen for their job. The ViewFinity S9(S90PC) monitor costs KRW 1.9 million, or about $1,457. The monitor is now available for pre-order; from July 3, 2023, it will be sold in retailers. It has a 27-inch VA QLED screen with 5K resolution(5,120 x 2,880 pixels) and a pixel density of 218 ppi.

The ViewFinity S9 5K monitor has been made available by Samsung in South Korea. The ViewFinity S9, which was initially displayed at the CES 2023 exhibition in the US earlier this year, is a replacement for the ViewFinity S8, which was introduced the previous year. Creators can examine and edit 4K photographs and movies because of their incredibly high quality. Samsung has included a simple color calibration function that enables users to calibrate the monitor’s colors using the smartphone.

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The monitor, according to Samsung, can reproduce 99% of the colors in the DCI-P3 color space and has a maximum brightness of about 600 nits and additionally, it has a screen that can tilt and rotate on a height-adjustable pedestal. For better versatility, it may also be utilized with a VESA mount. It includes a Thunderbolt 4 connector that can deliver up to 90W of power to a connected device while supporting display signals.

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The ViewFinity S9 utilizes an ergonomic stand design and offers free height adjustment (HAS), up and down angle adjustment (Tilt), horizontal/vertical conversion(Pivot), and compatibility with VESA standard wall mounts. Monitor placement is not constrained.

“The 5K ultra-high resolution monitor ViewFinity S9 is a product that integrates Samsung Electronics’ long-term concerns and know-how to realise sophisticated colour expression,” said Hoon Jeong, vice president of Samsung Electronics’ visual display division. We will present the product.

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