Samsung rolls out June 2023 security update to several Galaxy M devices

Samsung may update it anytime and bring fresh security updates to its Galaxy devices in the form of a July 2023 security update to Galaxy devices, but before it, the company is rapidly dropping the June 2023 update to the remaining Galaxy devices. Like now, it is expanding the update to a bunch of Galaxy M series devices, including Galaxy M02, Galaxy M12, Galaxy M13, Galaxy M32, and Galaxy M40.

The June 2023 update is not a part of One UI, so it doesn’t come with any innovation or changes for the software user interface; however, in the backend, it fixes several security vulnerabilities by introducing more than 60 patches. The update ultimately aims to enhance the security of the device.

The Galaxy M02 is getting a new update in Panama. The Galaxy M12 is getting the update in several Asian countries, including Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Morocco, Lybia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Pakistan, India, Egypt, and Russia.

The Galaxy M13 is getting the June 2023 security update in several European countries, including the Netherlands, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Slovenia, Austria, Ireland, Poland, the UK, Portugal, Serbia, the Czech Republic, France, Croatia, and Italy. It will also get the update in some more countries, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Egypt, the UAE, Iraq, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy M32 is grabbing the same update in these European countries: the UK, Romania, Caucasus Countries, Spain, Poland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, France, and Slovakia. And also in some Asian countries such as Taiwan, New Zealand, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Indonesia. The Galaxy M40 is receiving the update in India and Nepal.

All Galaxy M series devices are getting new updates with these firmware versions:

  • Galaxy M02 (SM-M022M) – M022MUBS3BWF6
  • Galaxy M12 (SM-M127F), (SM-M127G) – M127FXXU5DWE1, M127GXXU5DWF2
  • Galaxy M13  (SM-A136B) – M136BXXU4CWE2, M136BXXU4CWE3
  • Galaxy M32 (SM-M325F), (SM-M325FV) – M325FXXU7DWF3,  M325FVXXU7DWE3
  • Galaxy M40 (SM-M405F) – M405FDDS2CWF3

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