Android Auto Reintroduces Simultaneous Google Maps Usage on Phone and Car

A prior issue that allowed you to use the Google Maps app on both your smartphone and on the car display has been fixed thanks to Google Maps’ most recent upgrade, which is great news for drivers. Early this year, the app had this particular function introduced; nevertheless, it later turned out to be acting in an unexpected way. Google fixed the problem by deleting the capability to use Maps on a phone and a vehicle display concurrently with its particular update.

Google spent several months realizing that what was once thought to be a problem was actually a fantastic feature that Android Auto customers should have had access to years ago.

According to the most recent reports from Reddit users, Google Maps should be able to utilize the app on Android Auto and their Android handsets at long last. If it still displays that “Your phone can’t display Google Maps while Android Auto is running,” then this functionality has not yet been added to your device.

New Android Auto stable update available

Google opted to limit Android Auto users’ accessibility to Maps to either their phones or the in-car display for some hidden reasons; it is expected that might be a factor relating to safety. Android Auto can be defined as something that several people, undoubtedly already aware, offers basic information on the dashboard display, such as turn-by-turn navigation, distance remaining (ETA), and music controls.

This was temporarily added in February; however, as it was deleted after just two days, it was probably an inadvertent mistake. Its extensive deployment has, however, lately been reported by several users; some even claim to have already received it. Ask your dependable co-pilot to assist you while driving has become confidential, as it appears that this function is now here to stay.

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Thanks to “Android Police