Samsung Display Files Lawsuit Against BOE for Patent Infringement in the US

Samsung Display sued Chinese display manufacturer BOE for allegedly violating its patents for smartphone organic light emitting diodes(OLED) displays in the US on Sunday. The action also demonstrates their will to take decisive action to safeguard their technology at a time when Chinese manufacturers are expanding their position in OLED, the LCD replacement of the future. Samsung Electronics display business has never before sued BOE, so this move by Samsung Display manufacturer’s expanding influence.

On June 26, the business lodged legal complaints with the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, claiming that BOE had violated four of its OLED patents, including those that were applied to Apple’s iPhone 12 smartphone. Samsung Display’s Diamond Pixel Technology was one of the patented ones. The case began when Samsung Display got to know that fake OLED panels, which were created by Chinese firms, was being utilized in the place of genuine Samsung Display screens for iPhone handsets at smartphone repair shops in the United States.

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In this situation, the customer has the option of choosing between the authentic Samsung panel and the knockoff when it comes to dealing with their iPhone 12 repairs. But in turn, BOE completely ignored it. Last December, Samsung Display filed litigation with the US International Trade Commission (USITC) against the US. Wholesalers of smartphone components. In May, BOE also launched legal actions in China against Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display’s Chinese subsidiary.

According to the opinion of the industry, Samsung Display’s legal answer is that it will not lose the OLED market, where the Chinese manufacturer’s technological advantage is focused. Statistics from the Korea Display Industry Association show that in 2019, Korea’s market share for small and midsized OLED panels, which had earlier accounted for 88.1 percent, fell to 79.1 percent. But in turn, China’s portion rose from 11.1 to 20 percent.

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