Samsung appointed new heads of development for foundry and DRAM,

The Device Solution(DS) Division of Samsung Electronics has undergone significant restructuring, including staff management, which resulted due to the worst semiconductor recession in the history of the division. Semiconductor’s business is handled by the DS Division.

According to the reports from TheElec, Samsung appointed new development heads for Foundry and DRAM. On July 3, Samsung will reshuffle the staff at the DRAM Development Office in its memory group. A new and enhanced development team has also been established for the first time within the Network Business.

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The Memory Strategic Marketing Office’s former vice president Hwang Sang-jun has been chosen to lead the DRAM Development Office. The DRAM Development Office plays an essential role in the development of HBM products. The HBM industry is expected to expand enormously this year due to high demands for artificial intelligence and high-performance computing(HPC); because of this, the DRAM is becoming more significant.

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Yoon Jong-Shik, vice president of the Foundry Technology Development Office, took over as the foundry’s new chief technology officer(CTO). Koo Ja-heum, vice president of foundry technology development, took over the vacant CTO post. Having moved from Hwaseong to Pyeongtaek, the Memory Manufacturing Technology Centre(MTC) will be combined with the Foundry MTC. You Chang-Shik, Oh Tae-young, and Yun Ha-ryong have been selected as the leaders of advanced development, design, and strategic marketing.

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Jahun Koo takes the place of Gitae Jeong as the head of development, and Gitae has been named CTO of the foundry business. It is unprecedented to see this many organizational changes during an erratic hiring season. This enormous restructuring indicates Samsung Electronics’ will to adapt proactivity for forthcoming developments as semiconductor demand is expected to increase in the second half of the year.

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