Samsung filed new trademarks related to Galaxy wearables

Samsung has always been a leading brand in offering smart gadgets that provide and manage user solutions in a smart and advanced manner. Still, Samsung is in the phase of experimenting and creating various forms of intelligent accessories that provide smart user benefits. Samsung’s sporadic trademark filings are a key that reminds the marketing of smart devices has greater potential for diversity.

As spotted from repository of the UK IPO office (via SamMobile), registered three new trademarks for Samsung to start the week. It’s interesting to note that the trademark devices got the names “Samsung Circle,” “Samsung Index,” and “Samsung Insight.” All three trademarks fall under the same Nice Classification 9, which includes, among other things, wearable computers, smart rings, smart watches, and smartphones. By guessing what kind of gadgets these Samsung Circle, Samsung Index, and Samsung Insight will come as, it can be guessed that these can be smart jewelry, smart rings, smart bracelets, even VR controllers, and smart eyewear.

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These trademark applications and the Nice Classification 9 by themselves, however, can only provide limited confirmation; therefore, this is only conjecture. Samsung’s name being linked to trademarks related to smart wearables is not something that is happening for the first time. A set of smart glasses and a smart ring are highly expected, following the Galaxy Glasses and Galaxy Ring trademarks to be in development previously obtained from the tech giant.

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The business is now developing a new XR headset which is noteworthy information. There is also some rumored news spreading that Samsung is creating ingenious accessories to provide XR consumers with additional opportunities to engage with the VR and AR items around them. On the other hand, it’s also conceivable that the Korean IT behemoth acquired these trademarks to stop other businesses from utilizing them.

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