Samsung Announces Upcoming ‘Samsung Foundry/SAFE Forum’ Event in Korea

On April 4, Samsung Electronics convened the Samsung Foundry Forum 2023 and Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem(SAFE) at COEX in Samseong-dong and presented its foundry plan to support the AI semiconductor ecosystem. The cutting-edge product design infrastructure for the fabless client from 8-inch to the cutting-edge 2-nano GAA process, PDK Prime solution, has been established by Samsung Electronics. For this, it presented a shared aim of customer success among more than 100 partners at the SAFE forum. In the second half of this year, customers can have access to the PDK Prime solution.

This feature offers the customers a more convenient PDK, designing an effective product in the 2-nano and 3-nano processes. In PDK Prime, there are three things that can reduce the cycle of the product’s design, two things for enhancement of design correction and improvement of PDK usage by two items. Static Device Voltage Checker(SDVC), which is the prominent feature of PDK Prime, determines whether the internal semiconductor parts – transistor, resistors, and capacitor are built with the required conditions in just 10 minutes. “Innovating Beyond Boundaries” is the title of the Samsung Foundry Forum, whereas “Accelerate the Speed ​​of Innovation” is the title of the SAFE forum.

LX Semicon, Rebellion, and Deepx, prominent fabless companies in Korea, introduced their AI developments and low-power semiconductors through this event. In April, Samsung initiated the MPW service for the cutting-edge 4-nano process, and by 2024, plans to increase prototypes for fabless clients by more than 10%. Additionally, R&D collaboration will be improved for institutions.
Since 2021, Samsung Electronics has offered the KAIST IDEC with free MPW service for 28-nanometer logic processes. From 2021 to 2026, for helping with the manufacture of 600 semiconductors, a total of 15 free 28-nano MPW services will be offered.

Siyoung Choi, President of Samsung Electronics, concluded that, “The AI ​​application field is rapidly spreading, and in particular, the explosive growth of Edge, specialized in various individual services, is expected.” We will lead the paradigm of the AI ​​era through cutting-edge processes specialized for semiconductors, differentiated specialty processes, and close and preemptive cooperation with global IP partners.”

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