Samsung expanding One UI 6 beta testing to Europe

In addition to fresh product introductions, upcoming firmware upgrades from Samsung continue to excite fans of the brand. One UI 6.0, a much-anticipated upgrade, is presently being developed and is scheduled to launch on the Galaxy S23 series later this year. Less than a week ago, Samsung’s servers were found to have the initial One UI 6.0 internal testing software for the Galaxy S23. Similar test builds have now been discovered on Samsung’sSamsung’s servers for Europe and India as well, in addition to other places like South Korea and the USA, only a week after the first discovery of the first internal testing firmware.

According to the tweet from Tarun Vats, identical test One UI 6.0 test versions were found on Samsung’sSamsung’s servers for Europe and India. The test firmware has the build number S911BXXU3ZWFA, S916BXXU3ZWFA, and S918BXXU3ZWFA. Galaxy S23 users cannot access these firmware versions since the beta program has not yet started. However, their presence on Samsung’s servers indicates that the corporation is very close to launching the beta program through its Members app.

Samsung is still working on the One UI 5.1.1 upgrade, which was recently made available to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Tab S8 tablets through a beta program. Other than the news, Samsung is working on the One UI 6.0 upgrade, which is expected to mark its debut on the Galaxy S23 series later this year; it is also anticipated to start a beta program and allow owners of Galaxy S23 devices to take part in testing. There isn’tisn’t a clear response from Samsung’sSamsung’s side about the opening of the beta program.

From Europe’s continents, Germany, Poland, and the UK, these three markets will be receiving the One UI 6.0 beta test. This significant software update will be offered to several Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The features of Android 14 include improved privacy and security and additionally provide customization features that will reflect in Samsung’sSamsung’s skin of Galaxy smartphones.

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