Our Ultimate One UI 6.0 Features Wishlist for Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung is all set to introduce One UI 6.0 in next month; we are already getting rumored about the new features of the upcoming UI. However, we can confirm them after the rolling out of the beta program progression. Because of the Android development cycle, we have some clues about the Android 14 update, but in the case of Samsung, it may come with some changes because sometimes the company doesn’t include all the feature for all the devices and give it with other updates.

Traditionally, Samsung first offers a Beta version of its new update on its Galaxy S series phones. After a few weeks of testing and at least four Beta versions, the company finally releases the stable update. We can therefore expect to see the first Beta version of Android 14 for the Galaxy S23 range by the end of July in some countries, including China, India, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA.

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All Samsung users are expecting a refreshed UI and new features from the company, which will make their devices more utilized. I am also one of them; here is my wish list.

Samsung announced the Unpacked event on July 26 for the Fold 5 and Flip 5

One UI 6.0 Features Wishlist

Ultra HDR

Google has recently unveiled the feature in I/O 2023 for Android 14. This feature makes the images more realistic by adding a suitable combination of brightness, color, and contrast

New drag-and-drop capabilities

With the new Android 14, you will be able to move text and multimedia content like photos between apps by drag and drop without a split screen, and I love to have it on my Samsung device as well.

Animation improvements

Last year Samsung introduced the One UI 5.0; the update brought many changes and also improved some animation of the apps; however, if we compare it to iOS, the Korean giant is far behind it, so it would be great if Samsung worked more in this department.

The dynamic palette as good as that of the Pixel series smartphones

The palette, as well as the app icons according to the color scheme does not look good on Galaxy devices. Samsung needs to change this because many users are not satisfied with the way it applies Material You on One UI. The Pixel line comes with a much better version of Material You.

Multi-user support

The multi-user feature was very helpful for Samsung users but dropped from One UI 5.0 for unknown reasons. We had hoped that One UI 5.1 would bring the feature back to life, but that didn’t work out. It’sIt’s still unclear why Samsung doesn’tdoesn’t support this useful feature. So we expect it to come back with One UI 6.0.

Super low battery warning

Android 14 adds a new low battery warning that reminds users when the device has only 2% battery left. One UI 6.0 should also have this feature to remind users to stop using and plug in the device.

Video upgrade

In the skin upgrade, Samsung has introduced the image enhancement feature supports adding the GIF, so we expect that Samsung may add a video upscaling feature as well.

Improve Eye of Darkness

Google is looking to improve the Nightscape feature for the Pixel 8 series. As competitors are now focusing on night photography, One UI 6.0 should bring enhancements to Samsung’sSamsung’s epic Dark Eye capabilities.

Separate live wallpapers

It will be worth appreciating if Samsung introduces the capability to set different wallpapers for the Lock screen and home screen.

Improve Compatibility Brightness

Google is said to be testing a new feature that can automatically adjust the screen brightness even when the device is locked. This feature is expected to be released with Android 14. So we hope One UI 6.0 can bring it to Galaxy users.

Create emoji-based wallpapers

The second developer trial of Android 14 brings a great new feature: creating emoji-based wallpapers. There is an emoji lab added in the section of the original wallpaper for you to choose emojis and then combine them to create wallpapers. One UI 6.0 should bring this feature to Samsung Galaxy devices.

One UI startup animation

Samsung does not have any native UI boot animation for the device, so One UI 6.0, it should be added to the company.

App lock

There are several apps available on the play store that provides locking functionality for different apps, but these are very dangerous for our privacy, as they have access to our phone and can misuse our data; so if Samsung provides a built-in App lock for the Galaxy devices, then it will be more beneficial for the users.

Seamless update

There are many users who are asking for the seems as an update, in which users can easily update the device without being stuck in any whare for a long time. If this happens, then it is estimated that the update may be installed within 10 to 20 minutes.

Large tabular and folder icons

The first screen with which you have to interact with is the home screen of any device, so if you don’tdon’t get a smooth, Good experience of it, then it is not worth having any range of the phone. To make the home screen, Samsung should adopt the tabular icon concept of other Chinese smartphones.

If Samsung brings even half of the features mentioned above, then the UI 6 will be a significant update. For your information, it is expected that Samsung will drop the stable update of One UI 6 in October.

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