Samsung Electronics files several patents on robotics in the USA

Samsung now focuses on the production of robotics technology involving products as it is expected to play a major part in enhancing future technology. Samsung Electronics Co. documented various kinds of robotics patents application in the U.S. The applications were submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO) on Tuesday. According to industry insiders, the featured robotics technology will monitor the movements of pets and help the users in managing the pets by analyzing their emotions.

Other than this, another patent was filed, which focuses on the benefit of humans that provide walking assistance following the pre-programmed paths. Samsung revealed its idea about the robots that provide assistance in one of the events three years ago. But this patent filing has confirmed that Samsung is somewhat close to launching these robot assistants. Another popular invention is the robot finger, which was created by Samsung Electronics for usage in both industrial and medical settings as well as at home. The robot has two fingers, each of which includes sensors, one for object detection and the other for grasping.

The robot pet assistant device can recognize the emotions and gestures of pets; using that information, it will engage with pet owners. With the help of its inbuilt camera, it examines pet-specific behavioral patterns. And with the presence of built-in microphones, the robot can identify animal noises. As for the walking assistance device, it is rumored to be associated with BotFit, a potential robotic healthcare brand owned by the IT company. The device is designed for the benefit of elderly people, people who are restricted to walking or with problems related to that.

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Spray-on robots from Samsung Electronics can be used to sanitize public places where infectious germs are present. The sensors present in the device help it decide where to spray disinfectants. This device is highly anticipated to be advantageable for the medical sector. A robot that can recognize different heights along its path and can be charged automatically with the sensor in it. The excitement for these devices has risen up after the statement from the electronic industry. “Samsung Electronics is projected to unveil a walking assist device later this year.”

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