Samsung Electronics Presents the 7th Samsung Security Technology Forum

Since 2017, Samsung Electronics has hosted the “Samsung Security Technology Forum” every year with the objective of broadening the base of information security technology. The official information has been announced by the firm regarding hosting the event this year. On August 22, Samsung Electronics will host the 7th Samsung Security Tech Forum (SSTF) at its Seoul R&D facility.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, this is the first offline event of SSTF with the title ‘Hack for Security: How hacking drives security innovation.’ As of now, it is said that Senior Vice President of the Security & Privacy Team, Yongho Hwang, who is in charge of security technologies at Samsung Research, will deliver a keynote speech after the opening comments by the CTO of Samsung Electronics’ DX Division and President Jeon.

After the opening speech, the esteemed invited speakers, including Prof. Kang G. Shin from the University of Michigan’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Prof. Insu Yoon from KAIST’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Prof. Joon Han from Yonsei University’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, will enlighten the audience with their valuable insights and perspectives.

Samsung intends to bring out this year’s event unique from others through research papers written by eminent security society writers, joint efforts between Samsung Research and divisions to safeguard the goods and data of consumers, and actions for the early discovery of vulnerabilities.

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In contrast to the previous year, on August 19th, Online Hacker’s Playground will be conducted for this year’s event. Simulation hacking and fundamental hacking practice are available to everyone from novice to experienced users for a 12-hour period.

President Jeon Jeon of Samsung Electronics stated,” It will be a great opportunity to hear the latest research from global security experts along with Samsung’s various efforts to prioritize customer product and data protection. I look forward to further strengthening technical exchanges and cooperation.”

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