Galaxy S23 FE and Galaxy S24 may have Exynos processors in some markets

Samsung is getting ready to release its new devices, but there are rumors on the internet about their future smartphones. Some people say Samsung might use their Exynos chips again.

Recently, Samsung partnered with Qualcomm for the Galaxy S23 series and stopped using their own Exynos processors on some devices. But now, there are rumors that they might bring back their Exynos chips for the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24. Today, there’s more evidence supporting these rumors.

Today, some news came from pocket-lint colleagues, but they didn’t reveal the source. They say Samsung is thinking about using Exynos chips for the next FE-series phone. Also, for the Galaxy S24 phones, they might sell some versions with Exynos chips in specific markets.

Even though Samsung said they’d use Qualcomm chips for their recent flagship phones, they might change their plan. They could use Exynos chips for the Galaxy S23 FE instead of Qualcomm chips, which might upset some fans.

In the past, Samsung sold Galaxy S phones with Snapdragon chips in the US and Exynos chips in Europe. But now, they might not do the same thing. They might not limit the sale of phones with Exynos chips to only a few smaller markets. Ben Wood, Chief Analyst and CMO of CCS Insight thinks the same.

This is a strategy that Samsung has adopted in the past, offering the Exynos variant to the European market, while providing the Qualcomm solution to other markets such as the United States and South Korea. The decision turned out to be unpopular among technology enthusiasts and some network operators who liked the predictability and performance benefits of the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform, and in some environments there was joy when the Galaxy S23 series was launched with the Snapdragon platform in all markets. I would be surprised if Samsung decided to return to Exynos for the important European market, but we could see it in some smaller markets to ensure that Samsung’s internal platform remains at stake. There’s also likely an element of Samsung that wants to keep Qualcomm on the look out for yourself, which could be what’s driving these recent rumors.

In a nutshell, things don’t look great for users who like Qualcomm chips. But don’t worry; there’s still time before these smartphones hit the market. We’ll definitely get more info about them soon.

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Thanks to “Pocket-lint