Samsung and LG is looking at new OLED technology that enhances light efficiency

Samsung and LG are working to bring out more enhancements in their television technology. Small and medium-sized OLED display panels may also be coated with a low refractive capping layer(CPL) that will result in enhancement of light efficiency, according to the reports from Samsung Display and LG Display. Both display manufacturers are working with different OLED material producers on low refractive index CPL testing.

The low-refraction CPL market is also being pursued by established CPL providers, including Dongjin Semichem, Hodogaya, Labto, and PNH Tech. The organic layer, cathode, and anode are the OLED’s three fundamental layers. Above the cathode of the light-emitting layers lies the auxiliary layer, or CPL. CPL is used to prevent light loss and ensure that the light is directed at the display. Further, it helps the light in focusing toward the display by reducing light loss that happens when electrodes or anodes continually reflect light from the OLED light emitting layer.

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The CPL that is now being manufactured for small and medium-sized OLEDs is high refractive CPL. In order to raise the refractive index, CPL modifies the material properties from the prior CPL. Power use is decreased as a result of this. Along with the current high refractive CPL, the low refractive index CPL is used to capture light. The light is scattering in all directions; therefore, by using both high-refraction and low-refraction CPLs, the light loss may be decreased further. There is a refractive impact on other functional levels as well.

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But it is quite tough to bring low refractive index CPLs for only one auxiliary layer as it tolls a challenging process and price. These two giant manufacturers should influence Apple to use low refractive index CPL on small and medium-sized OLEDs.

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