Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 battery life and Charging speed

Samsung has introduced several features and improvements with the Galaxy Z Fold 5, which is its new flagship foldable device. Among all the special features, one feature which stands out the most is the great performance of the device’s battery life, which can last on an average of about more than seven hours on a particular day while watching videos and browsing the internet.

Interestingly, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is equipped with a battery capacity very similar to its previous model, Galaxy Z Fold 4. But the company has made a few improvements in the processor of Z Fold 5. 

Galaxy Z Fold 5 battery life:

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 features a 4,400mAh battery with 25W fast charging support, which is similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, its predecessor. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 comes with a minimal hinge design and has a larger battery life of 4,400mAh as compared to the battery capacity of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, which only has 3,700mAh. In comparison, the greater battery of the device occupies a greater mechanism. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 holds the perfect combination of 4,400mAh of battery life and the powerful and fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, which plays a vital role in the great performance of the battery life.    

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Charging speed

Regarding the charging speed, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 comes with a 25W super fast charging charger, allowing you to charge 50% of your device in just 30 mins. Plus, It takes 1 hour and 23 mins to get fully charged along with the fast wireless charging 2.0 support. The charger consists of a USB-C type charging cable. `

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