Samsung should give the option at start change three button navigation to gesture

With the advancement of new cell phones, we have now arrived in the era of smartphones, where most of the functions of these phones work by interacting with the screen. Gradually, these functions are now more developed; for example, the navigation function buttons are also replaced with gestures; now, users just have to make gestures to navigate the menus. Samsung didn’t give us a choice initially.

When you set up your device for the first time, you will see different options, like choosing a language and setting up a new Google account. Apart from these, you will not see any options to choose navigation between Gesture or three-button navigation. For example, if you set up the latest Galaxy Z foldable devices, you will see the three navigation buttons option by default, and there is no option available to switch it to gesture mode until you go to the main system settings.

Being the largest shareholder in Android smartphones, Samsung should take action on this as the majority of youth are attracted to the iPhone, and the ones who want to switch to the Android phone will not be impressed by the latest Android devices if the first impression of the setup doesn’t give a new feel.

For your information, Google dropped the full gesture-based navigation system in 2019 with Android 10. This development was inspired by the iPhone X. There are three types of gestures available to navigate; when you swipe from any of them, it will work as a back button; swipe up goes home; and a partial swipe up opens the multitasking or recent apps window. In the initial phase, it was comparatively harder to do, but with time, it became more useful.

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Thanks to “9to5Google