Android May Introduce Apple Continuity-like Call Switching With the Same Google Account

It is known that Android 14 is the next big thing in the Android smartphone environment. We have been notified of new features every day that will improve the user experience. This time, it is also focused on the fact that the update should offer the major features that have been evolving with its rivals. Google and Apple, being rivals, engaged in a battle with a motive not just from a marketing perspective but also from the perspective of the features that are offered to customers.

Apple consumers frequently comment on the ecosystem’s seamless connectedness. Between their iPhone, iPad, and Mac, users can perform a variety of functions, including making and receiving calls, exchanging files, and utilizing apps. It is reported that Android smartphones may soon have access to comparable capabilities that would enable them to connect their numerous Android devices together. Mishaal Rahman, an Android specialist, shared on his Twitter handle about this anticipated functionality, which has been cited in the article.

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Mishaal shared a screenshot of the new settings page, which can be accessed by clicking Settings > Google > Devices and Sharing > Connect your devices. He mentioned that Google is developing a feature that would enable communication between Android devices using the same Google account. Although this new feature from Google is still in development, it is rumored to be called “Link Your Devices.” It is said that this new feature allows users to use numerous Android devices simultaneously, as long as they are signed into the same Google account. This can be called a copy feature as it is being replicated from the existing feature.

The ability to transfer between devices and continue a call is known as call switching or call pulling. This comes under the currently existing feature where, from the first device to the new one, you will transfer the call. Coming to its arrival, it does not seem to be included as a part of the Android 14 preview versions, and it should also be noted that Green Robot’s OS’s newer version will arrive soon. It is expected that this function will most likely be included in a later development cycle and may become a crucial component of a Pixel Feature Drop if it is set up as a unique feature.

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