Samsung ClockFace new update brings Galaxy Z Flip 5 clocks support

Samsung is rapidly updating its applications and making them compatible with the new One UI software and Galaxy devices, so continuing the streak, the company is now pushing a new version of the ClockFace application.

If you are new to Samsung, you probably don’t know about it. Let us tell you that this application is a module that provides several options to make your own clock face for the device. Additionally, it also provides a collection of watch faces that you can directly apply to the Galaxy devices.

Samsung brought new features. new update

Samsung has rolled out a new update for ClockFace. The latest update comes with version number It is now available on the Galaxy Store with a 142.22 MB file size. The latest update brought some new improvements, like now the app supports Galaxy Z Flip 5 clocks, which means you can now easily use the clocks customization even for the cover screen.

Now when you create a new clock and use the image item, you will get a clear background that can be easily attached to the clock. In addition, now when you want to customize the watch face, you will be able to search for gifs.

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The ClockFace application is only compatible with Samsung devices, so you can install the latest update from the Galaxy Store. Or you can also update it via Good Lock.

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