Samsung Galaxy devices get better audio quality with new Bluetooth codecs in One UI 6.0

Users of the Galaxy S23 series can now enable the One UI 6 beta program, which was launched by Samsung. Users from the US, Germany, and South Korea regions may sign up for the beta through the Samsung Members app, where the Android 14-based firmware upgrade is currently available, and by the end of the year we can expect a stabilized form of software. The support for two new Bluetooth audio codecs, LC3 and Opus, comes out as one of One UI 6.0’s standout enhancements. The objective behind this may be to improve the audio quality of Bluetooth wireless earbuds with these codecs.

The SIG created the Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3), an audio codec for the LE Audio protocol that debuted in Bluetooth 5.2. SBC, G.722, and Opus all fall short of LC3 in terms of audio quality and packet loss concealment. While maintaining high-quality audio, LC3 scales down to very low bit rates. For instance, LC3 may scale from 345 kbps all the way down to 160 kbps, whereas SBC holds bitrate between 240 kbps and 345 kbps. By comparison, the LC3 codec can give SBC-like audio quality with a bitrate that is half as high. Wireless earbuds can now provide longer battery lives at lower latencies.

The LC3 codec’s reduced latency and power consumption as a result of the increased compression are to blame for this. Opus is ideally suited for interactive voice and music transmission over the internet, but it may also be used for storage and streaming applications. For Bluetooth earbuds that enable Spatial Audio, One UI 6.0 now supports Opus to deliver an immersive audio experience. Combination of the lower latency MDCT-based CELT algorithm with the speech-oriented LPC-based SILK algorithm, which results in maximum effectiveness.

Google Pixel Buds Pro earbuds, which employ the Opus codec for Spatial Audio with 360-degree head tracking, already use this capability. The new Bluetooth audio codecs should work with the majority of contemporary Samsung devices that are compatible with the impending One UI 6.0 upgrade. It is important to note that aptX Lossless, LHDC, and LLAC audio codecs are still not supported by Samsung smartphones.

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