WhatsApp users now can send photos in high quality

WhatsApp has now rolled out a new feature for Android users that was in testing for months. We are here talking about sending high-quality photos. It is worth noticing that WhatsApp beta users received this feature a long time ago, but due to its compatibility, the WhatsApp team has delayed it and rolled out other features for the public.

Now share photos without losing quality.

Earlier, when you shared any photos with anyone through WhatsApp, the app compressed the size of the photo and decreased its quality; therefore, the quality of the photos was compromised. But now, with the new update, WhatsApp has introduced an option that will allow you to send the same quality of photos.

How to send high-quality photos

Now when you go to the what and click the image icon, select the photos you want to send. Now, as you get into the preview menu, you will see an HD icon at the top. When you tap on the icon, you will get two options: standard and HD quality. If you choose the standard option, you will be able to send the photos in a minor reduced quality, which will take less data to send, while if you choose HD quality, you can send the exact quality of the photo to other people.

How can you get the new feature?

To get the new feature, you should install the latest WhatsApp update. The latest update is now available on the Play Store with version number

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