One UI 6.0 Beta 2 coming soon with the expansion of the One UI Beta Program to other countries

Samsung has started the rollout of the One UI 6, and the users of the Galaxy S23 series are encouraged to sign up for the One UI 6 beta program starting August 11 in order to participate in the program’s early testing of the newest features and to provide insightful feedback. The program was made available in the regions of the US, Germany, and South Korea. However, the first beta update was reported to have several bugs and flaws. So it is expected that the firm will fix the issues with its next beta update, the second open beta version.

A moderator of the Samsung Community Forum in South Korea replied to a problem report from a One UI 6.0 Beta user. Added that the firm is working to solve the issues found in the first beta update, thereby releasing an updated version of One UI 6.0, which will come out at the end of August or beginning of September. Reports suggest that users are expecting the launch of the second update later this week, but looking at the moderator’s reply, it may be that the time period got delayed to the initial weeks of September.

We are now discussing the faults that the current beta updates pose: the inability to add widgets to the home screen and the app drawer showing blank areas. Compared to One UI 5.1, the battery life in the first beta update is not encouraging. Inappropriate placement of the UI components, issues with color palettes, and bugs in the UI display of the wallpaper switcher In some spots, malfunctions in the transitions and animations are found. The One UI 6.0 Beta 1 numbering will be used for the nations’ second One UI 6.0 beta version.

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Samsung could expand One UI 6 beta program for remanning countries with beta 2

China, India, Poland, and the United Kingdom are the anticipated countries to receive the rollout of the second beta update of One UI 6.0. And for the finalized stable version, we need to keep patience, as it will be arriving in the third quarter of the year; no accurate time period has been mentioned. Before that, four additional beta releases are expected by the South Korean tech.

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