Samsung Galaxy A25 5G: First Details on Cameras

Samsung Electronics will be creating and manufacturing the Samsung Galaxy A25 5G, a mid-range Android smartphone, as a member of the Galaxy A series. Several reports stated that this has been abandoned and will not be hitting the market, but the new report shared by the Dutch news blog Galaxy Club makes it a rumor. It seems the firm doesn’t want to give up on the budget-friendly Galaxy smartphones. The Galaxy A25 5G is predicted to be the 5G version of the Galaxy A24. However, nothing is confirmed, and even if it were, the model would take too long to arrive.

The camera specifications of the Galaxy A25 5G have been at similar levels, just like those of its predecessor, the Galaxy A24. The Galaxy A24 4G was first launched by Samsung in April as a part of the Galaxy A series. A 50 megapixel sensor as the primary camera sensor and a 13 megapixel sensor for the camera selfie eventually, like the A24. Other than this, it is also said there are two extra cameras equipped: an ultra-wide camera with a 5 MP sensor and a 2 MP macro camera.

As the camera system looks the same, we can also expect it to inherit other features of the Galaxy A24 4G, like the display and design. However, this reveals that Samsung has left the focus on bringing enhancements in terms of hardware upgrades, just like the camera system. It also doesn’t mean that the mid-range models are the ones undergoing changes, as some flagship lineups too have started to inherit the same camera lineup. Maybe the firm wants to provide improvements through software updates.

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The launch date has not been revealed, as it takes quite a long time, and its members were just available a few months ago. The SM-A256E model, numbered Galaxy A25 version, has been under development for so long that this teases the fact. It was also added that the Galaxy A25 5G might be the initial model in the Ax5 and has the possibility of being followed by the Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55 in the near future.

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Thanks to “GalaxyClub