Android Auto 10.3 stable version available

Android Auto is a very helpful service provided by Google for managing cars infotainment systems. With the help of this car, the driver can take advantage of many advantages, like getting directions and navigation. It also gives the facility to make calls or answer incoming calls with just a single tap, and to avoid distraction, you can also send a do not disturb message while driving. After having many good-quality functions, Google has failed to provide seamless functioning.

In the last few days, Android Auto users have faced many issues, and Google has tried its best to fix them by rolling out new updates. For instance, in the last few days, Android Auto users have faced a voice command error that is not allowing them to use the voice command functionality.

Now Google has rolled out a new update for Android Auto. The latest update comes with version 10.3. This is the new stable version. However, as per tradition, Google hasn’t revealed anything about the update, so it’s up to users to discover new changes. Whatever the new changes are, we only hope that they will not come with any new problems.

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Being a stable update, it might come with some improvements over the last issues spotted in previous updates; however, as we discussed above, it is unclear if Google addressed all the issues or not, but still, it’s better to update to the latest version rather than facing issues with the older version.

Users who own Android devices running on Android 8 or above can easily update Android Auto to v10.3. To do so, simply go to the Google Play Store, search Android Auto here, and if the update button is on, you can hit it to update to the latest software.

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