Galaxy Watch 6 Plugin latest update available for download

Samsung Galaxy watches now come with smarter functions that will let you do several things like track health-related things like heart rate monitorssleep coaches, and many more. However,  some of the features work perfectly after connecting a smartphone, so to get the true performance, you should keep updating the application, like the Galaxy Watch Plugin.

What is a Galaxy Watch 6 plugin?

The Galaxy Watch Plugin is a mediator app that helps establish a proper connection between the Galaxy Watch and Android phones. For different series of Galaxy watches, there is a separate plugin available, such as the Galaxy Watch 4 Plugin, and so on. So the Galaxy Watch 6 plugin is also working the same way.

Galaxy Watch 6 Plugin Update

Samsung has rolled out a new update for the Galaxy Watch 6 Plugin with version number The latest update doesn’t come with any changelog, so according to the functioning, it is expected that the application is only getting some improvements updates that will resolve the issues related to connectivity, so users who own the Galaxy Watch 6 and frequently use it to connect a smartphone should update the app for better performance.

How to update

The Galaxy Watch 6 Plugin’s new update is now available to download. Users can easily install it by following the below steps.

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Search Galaxy Watch Plugin 6
  3. Now if it shows a new update available
  4. Hit the update icon; it will start downloading and getting installed automatically.

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