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Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic receiving Wear OS 4-based One UI 5 Watch



Samsung is a leading player in the smartphone market, and it has also been a major player in the smartwatch market for many years. The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic, two of the company’s recent smartwatches, run on Wear OS 4, a platform that Samsung and Google jointly created.

In recent news, Samsung has started rolling out the One UI 5 update to the Galaxy Watch 4 series. This major update is based on Wear OS 4, and it brings a number of new features and improvements to the smartwatches.

Some of the key features of the One UI 5 update include:

  • New features in Samsung Health, such as sleep tracking and insights
  • Better support for Galaxy Buds
  • The ability to pair the watch with a new phone without performing a full factory reset

The One UI 5 update is currently rolling out to US models of the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic. It is expected to be available in other regions in the coming weeks. Samsung’s take on Wear OS 4 is attached to updates that carry build numbers ending in HWH3.

In addition to the new features, the One UI 5 update also includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. If you own a Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic, I recommend that you update to the latest software as soon as possible.

Download & install One UI 6 beta update in any country [ROM]

Here are some additional details about the One UI 5 update:

  • It is based on Android 13, the latest version of Android.
  • It has the July 2023 security patch.
  • It is rolling out in stages, so it may take some time to reach all users.

If you have any questions about the One UI 5 update, please contact Samsung support.

One UI 5 Watch Full Changelog for Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Watch faces and tiles

  • Add watch faces and tiles more easily
  • A new vertical layout makes it easier to find the watch faces and tiles that are right for you.
  • Check the battery level of all your devices: The new Battery tile lets you quickly check the battery level of your watch, phone, and Galaxy Buds.
  • Improved Buds controller tile: You can now turn 360 audio on and off from the Buds controller tile if your Buds support 360 audio.
  • Quick access to timers: You can start timers from the new Timer tile without opening the Timer app.
  • Set an album or story as your watch face: Instead of just one picture, you can now make your watch face cycle between pictures in an album or story that you select. Your watch face will change to a different picture each time you turn on the watch screen.

Samsung Health

  • Enhanced sleep coaching: A redesigned results screen makes it easier to understand how well you slept each night, and you can now check your habits and recommendations directly on your watch without having to reach for your phone.
  • Automatically record cycling workouts: Samsung Health can now detect when you start cycling and record your workout automatically. You can also set whether to automatically map your cycling routes.
  • Get heart rate guidance during running workouts: Your watch can provide personalized heart rate zones while you run to help you manage your exercise intensity.
  • More accurate results for track runs: If you start running on a regular 400 meter track, your watch can recognize which lane you’re running in to give you more accurate results for laps and distances.
  • Create your own exercise: Can’t find your exercise in the list of options? You can now create your own custom exercise that measures your distance, speed, route, and more.

Backup and restore

  • Keep your watch data safe: Files and data from your watch are periodically backed up to your phone when it’s connected to your watch. You can also save backups to Samsung Cloud. Your phone needs the latest version of the Smart Switch app to use this feature.
  • Transfer your watch to a new phone: It’s easier than ever to switch from one phone to another. You’ll still have your watch faces and apps after transferring.

Control your phone

  • More call controls: You now have more control over calls without touching your phone. You can adjust the call volume, mute sound, and press buttons on the keypad, all from your watch.
  • Take pictures from your watch: Whenever the camera is open in Flex mode or Tent mode on your Galaxy Z Flip5 or Fold5, a camera icon will appear at the bottom of your watch face. Tap the icon to quickly access camera controls on your watch.

Additional changes

  • Dictate text with the Home button: Just press and hold the Home button any time you’re entering text with Samsung Keyboard to instantly switch to voice input.
  • Let Bixby read your notifications: Bixby can read your notifications out loud if you have headphones connected to your watch. You can then tell Bixby what to do after the notification is finished being read. To use this feature, Bixby needs to be set as the default voice assistant for your watch.
  • Use multiple timers at once: You can now have up to 20 timers running at the same time to help keep track of all your tasks.
  • Share your medical info in an emergency: A button to access your medical info will appear automatically when a hard fall is detected or when you press the Home button 5 times to start the Emergency SOS feature.
  • Device care: Check the status of your watch’s battery, storage, and memory and immediately fix any problems to extend battery life and keep your watch running smoothly.
  • Control your watch without touching it: Universal gestures let you control your watch without touching the screen or pressing a button. You can assign various actions to gestures such as shaking your wrist, making a fist, or pinching your fingers.
  • Organize apps in folders: Create folders to keep your apps organized so you can find the apps you need quickly with less scrolling.
  • Keep your watch safe: If you set a PIN or pattern on your watch, you’ll need to enter the PIN or pattern before you can set your watch after a factory reset. This prevents your watch from being used by someone else if it’s lost or stolen.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 gets April 2024 security patch in South Korea




The Samsung Galaxy S23 is one of the flagship smartphones from the Korean giant; it was launched back last year and comes with One UI 5.1 based on Android 13 preinstalled. As per the latest development, the device has already received some significant updates in the form of One UI 6.0 and One UI 6.1 based on Android 14. With the continuation, the device is getting a new security update in the form of the April 2024 patch.

Notably, the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra are getting new updates in South Korea with these firmware version numbers: S911NKSS2CXD5, S916NKSS2CXD5, and S918NKSS2CXD5, respectively. With the latest update, users will get some security-related enhancements.

For your information, the April 2024 update is part of Google’s Android security maintenance program, which aims to enhance the overall security of the devices. In a nutshell, the latest software will address more than 40 fixes, where Google has added 27 fixes and Samsung has added 17 more fixes exclusively for Galaxy devices.

Moreover, the update is not always limited to security enhancements; it may also provide some more improvements to the internal functions of the devices. As in the last update, the Galaxy S23 has received the One UI 6.1 update. So if you have any problems while using the device after installing the fresh One UI update, you should update your device to the latest version.

If you are using the Galaxy S23 device in South Korea, you can install the latest update by going to the software update menu via system settings. In case you haven’t received any updates yet, wait for some time, as it takes time to reach every unit of the devices.

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Samsung Wallet gets new changes with April 2024 security patch for Galaxy Z Fold 4, Flip 4, and Fold 3 in South Korea




Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Galaxy Z Fold 3 are getting an April 2024 security patch in South Korea. With the latest update, there will be some new changes for the Samsung wallet as well as enhancements to the overall security of the device.

Users who own the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in South Korea can identify the latest update by the firmware version number, F721NKSU2EXD2. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is getting a new update with the different version number F936NKSU2EXD2. On the other hand the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is receiving the update on firmware version F926NKSU2HXD2.

  • Samsung Wallet supports mobile ID with the April 2024 security patch

Samsung has brought some new changes to its wallet application with the April 2024 security patch, exclusively in South Korea. With the new changes, Samsung Wallet now supports’mobile ID’, which allows users to use their mobile driver’s license and national veterans registration card officially issued by the government anywhere online or offline, just like the actual ID.

Along with this, the company has introduced some new security enhancements that will improve the overall mechanism of the devices. There are more than 40 fixes introduced with the update. From them, Google has introduced 27 fixes. Meanwhile, Samsung has included 17 fixes for Galaxy devices exclusively.

If you want to take advantage of and use the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Flip 4, or Galaxy Z Fold 3 to its full potential, you should update your device to the latest version via the software update menu in the system settings. If you haven’t received the update yet, then you have to wait for some time, as it takes time to reach every unit of the devices.

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Unlocked Galaxy S21 FE Gets April 2024 Security Update, One UI 6.1 Wait Continues in the US




Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung Galaxy users with eligible One UI 6.1 devices are eagerly waiting for the update, but the company has decided to install the April 2024 security patch before the significant One UI update. So, the Galaxy S21 FE also started getting an April 2024 security patch update in the US.

The unlocked unit of the Galaxy S21 FE started getting an April 2024 security patch update with the firmware version number G990U1UESAFXD1. With the latest update, the company has made some security-related enhancements that strengthen the security mechanisms of the devices. Previously, in some Latin American countries, the device had already received the update.

If you are a fan of the One UI features, don’t be too excited; the latest update for the Galaxy S21 FE doesn’t bring any significant features for the devices. But if you are one of those users who always worries about the security of personal data, then you should update your device to the latest version.

However, the Galaxy S21 FE is eligible to get One UI 6.1, so you just need to wait for some time. The Korean giant will provide the next One UI update to the device in the next few weeks. With the One UI 6.1 update, Galaxy S21 FE users may get some useful AI features that will enhance the overall user experience of the devices.

Coming to the April 2024 security patch, if you are using the unlocked version of the Galaxy S21 FE in the US, then now you can install the latest security patch update on your device via the software update menu from the system settings. 

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