Samsung One UI’s new Enhanced Mobile Hotspot features

Hotspots are often used to share data connection with our friends and family when they need an internet connection. But, while sharing the internet over hotspots, we all fear data exhaustion. To avoid data exhaustion, Samsung has brought up a new Enhanced Mobile Hotspot feature, which allows users to monitor, control and restrict some users from accessing the shared data. 

Samsung Enhanced Mobile Hotspot Feature: 

Hotspots are wireless access points that allow users to connect to their Galaxy phones, PCs, tablets, and other devices with the help of the internet. A portable hotspot can enable you to connect to the internet without depending on the public network. Today, hotspots have become an integral part of our life. In the same context, Samsung has brought up a new mobile hotspot feature that allows users to share the hotspot easily, monitor, control, and restrict some users to access the data transmitted with enhanced features.

Samsung has introduced a few ways in its Galaxy devices which will help you in sharing your mobile hotspots more conveniently without the worry of data exhaustion. They are:

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Setting the Data Limit: Setting a data-sharing limit will greatly help you. For every particular connected device, you can select the data limit to get control over mobile data sharing at a higher rate. This will help to save your mobile data. If you notice that any device connected to your mobile hotspot is taking your data excessively, you can remove that device’s connection from the device’s settings.

Set the Time Limit: Samsung’s mobile hotspot feature allows users to monitor daily, weekly, and monthly data sharing. This feature allows you to set the time limits for how long a device can stay connected to your mobile hotspot. It will help you to save data for binge-watching movies or shows.

Set a One-time password for the guests:  You guys might have always seen that when you turn on your mobile hotspot, a few of the devices will get automatically connected to your device since they were connected earlier as well. They start to drain your mobile data fast. And you will need more data for yourself. But with Samsung’s new mobile hotspot feature, now you can set a one-time password for the guests, which will allow them to use your mobile hotspot for a short period, and when they reconnect their device to your mobile hotspot, they won’t be able to connect it.

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