Samsung Shares Vision for Smarter, More Sustainable Home Living at IFA 2023

According to Samsung Electronics Co., the future of living will involve completely linked houses and an eco-friendly manner of life. The company highlighted its vision and technological advancements towards this on Thursday. At a press conference held one day before the IFA tech trade fair in Berlin officially opened, the South Korean tech giant showcased its most recent products and technologies designed for sustainable and intelligent living. Knowing how urgent the climate situation is, the firm set bold targets to achieve net-zero carbon emissions for its Device eXperience (DX) Division by 2030 and for the entire company by 2050.

With 31% of its activities now running on clean energy, up from 11% in 2021, Samsung said that it has made progress in converting to renewable energy sources, which will help it fulfill these targets. Samsung Europe’s Chief Marketing Officer, Benjamin Braun, started by recalling some of the organization’s significant breakthroughs that altered the status quo and influenced technical advancement. Samsung reaffirmed its dedication to unapologetically leading new initiatives, highlighting its position as an industry leader.

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Samsung has partnered with other industry titans, like Ocean Wise and Patagonia, to address global environmental concerns by developing creative solutions based on scientific facts. The firms teamed up to create the Less MicrofiberTM Cycle for bespoke washing machines in September 2022, marking a significant advancement in the fight against microplastic pollution.

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In June 2023, Samsung took this a step further by utilizing its collaboration with businesses to create another ground-breaking invention.

Charlie Cox, Manager of Microplastic Solutions at Ocean Wise, drew attention to the creation of the ground-breaking new Less MicrofiberTM Filter for Samsung washers, which has the potential to cut down on microplastic emissions from laundry cycles by up to 98%. In addition to using 100% recycled paper for product packaging, South Korean tech continues to outfit its Galaxy smartphones with internal and exterior parts manufactured from recycled materials. Samsung Food, a new AI-based application that allows users access to thousands of recipes, has been released by the marketing director, Zeena Hill, at Samsung U.K.

With its 98-inch Neo QLED 8K TV, the firm added more smartness to entertainment. A personalized, limited edition of the Frame TV for Disney fans has been released by Samsung in collaboration with Disney. With titles like Starfield, the newest action game from Bethesda Game Studios, Samsung demonstrated its Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor and the Freestyle 2nd Gen portable projector, both of which are excellent for gamers. The best gaming experiences were discussed by Florian Liewer, Senior Director of International Gaming Marketing at Microsoft.

With Samsung’s AI Energy Mode, appliance energy use is optimized, resulting in less energy wasted and lower energy costs all at once. To change the way homes are built, the firm teams up with the producer of EV chargers, ABB, and the seller of household inverters, SMA. The business continues to be enthusiastic and upbeat as it investigates the amazing possibilities of technology through new endeavors like the deployment of 6G, the growth of AI capacity, and many more.

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