One UI 6.0 Improves Gesture Navigation with Predictive Back Animation

Google will introduce the latest iteration of the Android operating system as Android 14. In the upcoming update, there are high expectations that it will bring several new features for the device that will provide more convenience for smooth functioning. The predictive back animation is also one of them; it will show you the back menu options just before you go back. However, this feature has already arrived on Galaxy devices.

Who can use this feature now?

The feature is available on Galaxy S23 devices, but only those who have installed the One UI 6 beta update on their devices will be able to use it. While other devices that are eligible for One UI 6.0 will also get the functionality when they also get the update. The feature is hidden; follow the below steps to activate it.

List of Samsung Galaxy Phones Getting One UI 6 Beta

How to activate predictive back gesture animation on Samsung One UI 6

Once you’ve installed the One UI 6 update on your Galaxy S23, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Device settings.
  2. Then go to the phone and tap on the software information.
  3. From there, tap multiple times on the build number option until it prompts, Developer mode is enabled.”
  4. Once the Developer option is enabled, it will appear in the main settings.
  5. Now go and turn on the predictive back animations option.
  6. Done, you can now enjoy the feature.

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