Samsung’s Quirky Trademarks: 2023’s Most Unusual Picks

Samsung has always been ahead of any other manufacturer when it comes to filing trademark patterns. Frequently, we can get notified about the trademarks that the firm has filed, and this year, Samsung has filed some of the oddest trademarks for their future products.

Samsung filed several trademarks in 2023

Samsung TED: 

The term TED reminds us of the collaboration between Samsung and TED back in 2018 to familiarize the TED audience with the next mobile economy. However, this label is verified for a wide range of products, such as mobile phones, 3D glasses, DVD players, printers, and computer software. It is crucial not to expect anything from this trademark.

Samsung Gauss: 

This trademark term is defined as ‘speech processing. It’s a feature that comes under machine learning language under its AI domain. Speech processing calls for listeners to hear a continuous stream of speech, chunk the speech into various speech units, decode all the meaningful sounds within it, and eventually understand its intended message. So, we may expect this to be an AI-employed gadget, as there have been talks earlier that the firm is working on generative AI tools.

Flexsnap and FlexShot: 

After reading these trademark terms, our mind quickly thinks of them as the camera features of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5, but this is just an expectation as nothing can be guessed to be real. It can also turn out to be either the flex mode or the flex hinge. This may be a new camera functionality getting added.

Samsung Bot Fit: 

This designates a robotic exoskeleton suit that may be employed for other than medical uses. The wearable robot was originally intended to launch next year, and Samsung built prototypes, but the company postponed the launch to increase the product’s economic viability. An assistive robot may also be in the line. 

Kitchen Edge: 

This trademark comes as an easier one to analyze as some kitchen products include purifiers, dishwashers, robotic vacuum cleaners, and dehumidifiers, as stated in the official description. SmartThings employed kitchen products may be launched by the firm.

SuperSlim Design: 

This doesn’t appear to be a product from the user’s point of view, as this is a feature that is highlighted while marketing the brand new smartphones and smart TVs of Samsung.

Music Frame: 

Audio speakers, sound amplifiers, and digital audio players are some of the categories under which this trademark has been registered. The word “frame” in the trademark may refer to something relating to a speaker that is connected with its surroundings, just like the Frame TV.

Open Always Wins: 

This is a particular trademark that is also listed under smartwatches, smart rings and jewelry, smart tags, and earbuds. It is also expected to have a connection with the open VR platform, which offers a great experience of the 3D world.

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