Samsung Galaxy Watches Get Smartphone’s App Folder Feature

Samsung Galaxy Watches are surely reaching up to smartphones in terms of features and specifications. The new update has surely brought something to this, as now the Galaxy Watch can have the ability to connect to smartphones. Wear OS is the key to these significant features reaching the watches. Even the Watch 6 series runs on Wear OS, starting with the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 series. Now coming to the feature we’re taking is the making of folders through the app drawers.

This may sound complex, but it is quite easy to drag one app over another to make a folder that contains both smartwatches. App folders provide functionality. Organizing applications by category in distinct folders is already possible with the Android OS’s app folders. Users may organize the apps into various folders on their Galaxy smartwatches based on their needs. The app drawer has folders, and it resembles the phone version more or less. The same is true for the folder management mechanism.

IMG- SamMobile

One UI 5 Watch-equipped smartwatches, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Watches, appear to be the only ones to receive the novelty. The same capability won’t likely be available on Wear OS 4 smartwatches made by manufacturers other than Samsung. The smartwatch’s app drawer is made easier and cleaner with the help of this full app folder concept. You could have a few applications installed on the watch, for instance. Finding the applications in a single search would be simpler if they were organized into many categories. Additionally, it will be nearly unnecessary to turn the dial or scroll down to access an app.

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