Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra get September 2023 security update

This month, Samsung is expanding its software called One UI to version 6.0 beta along with Android 14. However, the Galaxy S20 series won’t get this update. The Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra originally came with Android 10 and an earlier version of One UI. Samsung had promised to provide three major Android updates for these phones, and they’ve already given them two, bringing them up to Android 13. Now, these phones are getting the latest security update in Europe.

The security update for September 2023 has already been released for many high-end and mid-range Samsung phones. It’s now time for the Galaxy S20 series.

In Switzerland, the LTE versions of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra are getting the September 2023 security update, which fixes 62 security vulnerabilities with the firmware version G98*FXXSIHWHI. It is likely that in a matter of days, the new security patch will reach more countries. As always, we recommend that you have your devices updated with the latest version for greater profitability for the device and greater security for the user.

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